About Us......

RachelRachel and Toby Buckler moved to Wales in 1986.

Toby’s family have had a cottage in the Valley since the 1920s, when his grandparents came down to paint the spectacular scenery.

When Rachel and Toby came to the Llanthony Valley they took on an almost ruined farmhouse cottage and barn, with 50 acres of bracken infested hill land.

Since then they have slowly improved the land, coppicing, fencing and restoring pasture-land. Nineteen acres of woodland have been planted, and the land teems with wildlife.

They converted the barn and stable, doing much of the work themselves, using lime plasters and local Herefordshire oak.

The high specification makes it a beautiful place to stay.

A flock of Black Welsh Mountain Sheep have added interest (and some chaos!) to country life.

The flock was started in the 1960s by Toby’s mother, and is still very much a family affair.

Rachel loves the elemental aspect of living in The Black Mountains, and was inspired by the sweeping landscape to buy a Mongolian Yurt, giving guests the chance to recreate the romance of the Mongolian nomad dwellings, and take a welcome break from the fast paced life that we tend to live nowadays.

In 2011 another Mongolan Yurt has been added.

Both yurts are situated in their own beautiful meadow, offering a peaceful and special take on going back to nature.

“It is a real pleasure to share this beautiful place with guests, and we have been delighted that people have enjoyed staying in the Barn and Mongolian Yurts. The peace and quiet, alongside the magical scenery makes Llwyn-on a really special place.”